Xenith Shadow XR

Football is an intense, competitive, and disciplined sport, and for a player to give his all every week. He needs to feel confident. By being able to align before the ball is snapped, even just sticking your nose in the playbook can boost confidence. But what if you feel a little lightheaded after taking a serious blow? Will all of your preparation and practice help you then?

The truth is that football is entertaining and is arguably the greatest team game ever created. But at its core, football is a tremendously tense game. You will need a helmet that is designed for performance and safety if you’re considering enrolling your child or if you want to boost your game. Once you feel comfortable wearing a helmet, you can start flying around all day making plays.

Let’s look at whether the Xenith Shadow XR can give you the swagger and self-assurance you need to perform at a high level.

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Personal Experience

I used this helmet last season and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. The Xenith Shadow XR is a newer helmet. Xenith put it out just a couple of years ago, and because of that, it has some of the newest and safest technology.


  • Super safe
  • Extremely Durable
  • Nice Tight Fit


  • Heavy Helmet

Several reviews have said how the helmet feels light when you wear it. From my experience, The helmet felt extremely heavy and my teammates with the Riddel Speed Flex. I am a hard hitter and hit with my head several times. After the hits, my head would never hurt or feel very fuzzy like I did in other helmets. The extra weight helps a lot with the durability and protection, which in my opinion is more important than the weight.

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Adaptive Fit System

The three essential parts of the Adaptive Fit System are as follows:

  • Internal Shock Matrix – This innovation offers a steady, constant pressure mechanism that captures the shock associated with administering and receiving BIG HITS.
  • Integrated Chinstrap – This chinstrap is purposefully made to be the perfect fit and level of tension around the chin, face, and forehead.
  • Decoupled Shell – This is strategically attached to the shock matrix in 4 key locations.

There is no doubt that Xenith has photographed this helmet from every angle imaginable.

High Safety Ratings: 5-star Helmet by the Virginia Tech Helmet


VT is the industry leader in varsity football helmet ratings, as their lab analyzes and evaluates a helmet’s capacity to lessen linear and rotational impact on the head. The highest rating they can assign is 5, and they are unable to recommend anything with a rating of 0.

In Virginia Tech’s helmet ranking system, where does the Xenith stand?

They rated it 5 stars after thorough testing. As a result, they can wholeheartedly advise athletes to use helmets while playing.

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Football may teach us important lessons about discipline and collaboration. It has been shown to be a brutal sport, and without the proper protection, you risk suffering life-threatening injuries. Players now have access to cutting-edge gear to protect their heads thanks to helmet manufacturers like Xenith who are at the forefront of concussion prevention.

Xenith Shadow XR

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