Best football girdles:

This article will be broken down into the girdles each position should get based on their needs. For example, a defensive back would need a girdle that allows for maximum movement, and a lineman would need a girdle with maximum protection.

Best football girdle for Linemen (OL/DL):

Adidas Techfit Ironskin 5 Mens Padded Football Girdle

The Adidas Techfit Ironskin girdle is by far the best football girdle for linemen. Why? because it is designed with the Poron XRD pad system, which absorbs impact hit after hit. The textured padding and tough fabric means that these will stand up to plenty of punishment!

This girdle is also breathable, made with polyester spandex. It also includes techfit, a technology that helps focus muscles and makes you more explosive. This, however, will make the girdle very tight, so buy one size up. All in all, this is a dream come true for linemen.

Allows for linemen to have knee bracesVery tight
Sturdy padding in all areas
Very affordable
Focuses your muscles energy for more power

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Best football girdle for Tight Ends:

Cramer Thunder 7 Pad Football Girdle

The best girdle for tight ends is the Cramer Thunder 7 Pad Girdle. This girdle is extremely convenient because you don’t need to stuff pads inside your pants. The Cramer Thunder 7 Pad already has the essential knee and thigh pads installed, along with tailbone and hip pads.

These seven thick pads provide the ultimate protection for tight ends, who hit and get hit quite often. Tight ends also have to be able to move, so the material is made from 80% nylon, and 20% spandex, which allows for unrestricted movement. This also antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, just like every good girdle should be.

The unfortunate truth is, Cramer isn’t well known in the football world, so you are taking a product that not a lot of people know about. The waistband is flimsy, but you don’t have to worry about that too much because your pants will cover it and make it tighter. You could think that the girdle isn’t good because it’s not from a popular brand, but don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a really great, protective girdle for tight ends.

Ultra convenient with built in knee padsNot a well known brand
7 thick protective padsFlimsy waistband
Moveable material
Moisture wicking and antimicrobial

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Best football girdle for Linebackers:

Under Armour Gameday Pro 5-Pad Football Compression Top

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The Under Armour Gameday Pro 5-Pad Football Compression Top is undoubtedly the best football girdle for linebackers. This is because of its superior HEX technology padding. It applies stable pressure around your waist, things, hamstring, and groin.

Along with the HEX padding, it is also equipped with HeatGear technology. This means it is created with performance fabric that keeps the person wearing it “cool, dry, and light” in warm or hot weather. You could be playing in Florida in 100-degree weather, and be fine. The HeatGear tech also wicks away sweat and moisture and is essentially waterproof. Sweaty girdles are the worst…

Another benefit to this girdle is one pad in the thighs, instead of many. This is better for linebackers as they need more protection. The last great aspect of this girdle is that it is moveable. You won’t be a good linebacker if you can’t move. Like all the best football girdles, this is made from compression fabric which allows for unrestricted movement.

Pros Cons
High quality padding and protection all aroundExpensive
HeatGear technology keeps you cool and dryLarge front pads
Compression padding allows for unrestricted movement
Made from first rate materials

Best football girdle for Running backs:

CHAMPRO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5 Pad Football Girdle

Best football girdles

One of the most popular girdles today, the CHAMPRO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5 Pad Football Girdle is the perfect fit for running backs. The most important part of this girdle is that it’s flexible and protective.

This girdle is equipped with the Tri-Flex cushion system that gives the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility. The stretch fabric allows a player to move easily because the girdle is made from a poly/spandex blend. The other part of the Tri-Flex cushion system is the Tri-Flex padding, which conforms to the player’s body. This is important for a running back, as they’re always making cuts, hurdling, trucking, catching, and blocking. The hip pads rise above the waist, which should be desired among running backs. A good amount of tackles are initiated from contact to the hip, so extra padding there is important.

Another benefit to this girdle is that it is comfortable. It gives a snug, locked-in feel. The last great thing about this girdle is that it has DRI-Gear technology, which keeps you dry and comfortable. This wicks away moisture, which is the last thing you want in your girdle. The only downside to this girdle is that the pads aren’t very thick, which leads to some concerns about absorbing impact.

Tri-Flex cushion systemThin pads
Extremely flexible and protective
Dri-Gear technology
Comfortable compressed fit

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Best football girdle for Wide Recievers

Schutt Protech Tri Adult Football Girdle:

The Schutt Protech Tri Adult Football Girdle is the best football girdle for wide receivers. With thigh, hip, and tailbone pads sewn in, it is an easy to use protective girdle. This girdle allows for maximum movement and flexibility as that is the most important part of a receiver girdle. Think about it, do you really want to have your movement restricted as a receiver? Tenths of seconds can be the difference between getting open or getting jammed up at the line. Luckily, this girdle allows for maximum movement. This is due to the compression stretch fabric it’s made out of. The fabric moves with your body, instead of moving your body.

Another pro to this is that it has breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat. The pads also allow for airflow and ventilation. You can’t be slowed down by a sweaty girdle, you have touchdowns to score! This also includes an antimicrobial system that kills bacterial odors. The only downside to this girdle is that the hip area is slightly restricted from the hip pads.

Maximum movement and flexibility Hip area is slightly restricted due to hip pads
Thigh, hip and tailbone pads give essential protection
Breathable fabric wicks away sweat and moisture
Antimicrobial system that kills odor

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Best football girdle for DB’s:

McDavid Hex Rival Pro 5-Pad Girdle

Best football girdles

Ah, finally. The widely used McDavid girdle. This girdle can be used for linebackers as well as DB’s, but I recommend them for DB’s just because they give more flexibility than the Under Armour Gameday Pro-5.

Made from nylon, the McDavid girdle is incredibly comfortable, as well as flexible. The five pads offer ultimate protection without sacrificing range of motion. This is very important because you can’t be slowed down by your girdle when you’re covering a fast receiver. Imagine getting burned because your girdle slowed you down… yikes! Luckily, with the McDavid, this won’t happen!

Its hDc moisture technology cool, dry, and odor free play. Well, maybe not the odor one, that’s pretty much impossible for any active sport. Regardless, it still wicks away moisture which I cannot emphasize enough for a good girdle!

Incredibly comfortable Expensive
Free range of motion
hDc technology

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Best football girdle for Quarterbacks:

TAG Five-Pad Girdle

Best football girdles

As we come to the end of this article, I saved arguably the most important position on the field for last. The quarterback. Quarterbacks don’t need anything incredibly fancy, just a reliable, solid girdle that will be protective and allow for a full range of motion.

Note: If you are a dual-threat, I recommend purchasing the Champro girdle (Shown in the running back section)

The TAG Five-Pad Girdle is the best choice for quarterbacks. The pads are solid and durable for when you get hit. You can’t have QB1 going down, so purchase gear that will protect you. This is also made from primarily nylon, which allows for a full range of motion. The material is also moisture-wicking. The only downside to this girdle is that it isn’t as flashy as some of the others listed!

Solid and durableAverage
Comes from a reputable brand
Allows for a full range of motion
Moisture wicking material

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Why get a girdle?

Girdles, are a very important part to lower body safety in the game of football. You’ve got to be focused on the game, and you don’t have time to worry about uncomfortable pads. You have plays to make, and that’s gonna be hard to do if you’re wearing an uncomfortable girdle, or not even wearing one at all.

What we’re gonna do is walk you through the best football girdles for the 2021 season, so you can be protected, have fun and make plays.

Who needs a girdle?

Out of all the positions on the gridiron, linemen need girdles the most. This is because they’re the ones who have the most physical contact on the field. Linebackers, running backs, and tight ends are next in line, as they have the next most amount of contact. After them, quarterbacks, DB’s and receivers.

What to look for in a girdle:

When looking for the perfect football girdle, you’ll want it to have four things. Comfort, flexibility, protection, and not a lot of weight. The perfect girdle has all four of those. Unfortunately, those are hard to find, so luckily I’ve found them for you! But first, let’s elaborate on why your girdle needs all of those aspects.


This is fairly obvious, but if you’re not comfortable on the field, chances are you won’t play well. You want to be playing well so you can make awesome highlight reels, and get offers!


When you’re on the football field, you’re constantly changing direction, so you need gear that doesn’t restrict you from quick changes in direction. Fortunately, most girdles already consist of a stretchy, flexible dri-fit material, so you don’t have to worry about this. If a girdle doesn’t have this though, don’t even consider buying it.


The #1 reason football players get girdles is for more protection, so this is the #1 thing we’re going to look for. You want to buy the girdle with the best padding so when you tackle or get tackled, you get up.


You don’t want your girdle to be so protective and padded that it’s slowing you down from too much weight. Speed is the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete, so don’t purchase gear that will hinder your speed.

Conclusion: Best football girdles

All in all, these are all terrific girdles that will protect you on the field. I highly encourage you to get the one for your specific position, because good gear can make a huge difference. Remember, your time in football is limited and nothing is guaranteed, so purchase gear that will protect you. It’s 100% worth it.

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