How To Become A Starter In Football

A really fast way to become a starter at football is to do this:

  • Have your dad be a coach
  • Have your parents donate a lot of money
  • Donate EVEN MORE MONEY to the program!

But, unfortunately, not all of us can do that. We all know the ones that do though. If you want to get off the bench and become a starter (legitimately), then read on.

Being a benchwarmer sucks. You’ve probably been there at some point in your life, and just because you’re reading this article, you’re probably one right now. Let me just say this- you can get off the bench and become a very good player. It’s very possible to do. In this article, I will teach you how to become a starter in football.

It doesn’t matter what level you play at, because these tips apply for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in youth ball, high school, college, or even the NFL. Some of the best athletes we know now were benchwarmers at some point. Why? It’s because they learned to fight through struggle and get what they want.

Lots of big name recruits have been the best players on their team (high school) since freshman year. They never really knew what it was like to be on the bench. They were working hard, but not as hard as a benchwarmer that wanted to start. When they get to the upper levels, they’re shocked because they’re not the best on the field anymore. The former benchwarmers however, know how to work hard to become the best player on the field. They usually end up starting.

So if you aren’t a starter yet, don’t worry. Below are 5 tips to help you become a starter in no time.

Here Are The 5 Tips on How To Become A Starter:

  • Show up to practice and team events
  • Ask your coaches how to get better
  • Know multiple positions
  • Be near the coach
  • Ball out when the time comes
  • BONUS: Become a better athlete

Becoming A Starter Tip #1: Show Up

Okay, so if you’re a benchwarmer, there’s probably a reason. It could be anything, but a big one lots of the time is that you don’t show up to stuff. Do you go to team lifts during the summer and offseason? Do you go to practice? Hell, do you even show up for gameday?

It’s one thing if you have a family emergency and have to leave town, but if you just choose not to show up, that’s on you. If you really want to be a starter, you have to show up to practice. Also note, if you do end up having an emergency and you have to go out of town, make sure and let your coaches know. Most will understand. Just make sure they know you’re trying to show up.

Now, not only do you have to just show up, but you also have to practice during practice. Don’t be one of those guys that just stands on the sideline playing catch the whole time. Go into practice, sub in and sub out.

Make sure that when you’re in, you give 100%. When coaches see this, they’ll start to think “hmmm, he may not be the best player on our team, but he sure is trying! I’m gonna make sure he gets some playing time in games.” Trust me, coaches notice when you put in effort. The only exception to not giving 100% is when you’re walking through plays, don’t go try hard mode when it’s supposed to be a chill drill.

Become A Starter With Tip #2: Ask Your Coaches How To Get Better

If you want to get better at football, you can’t just rely on your own judgment. After all, it hasn’t gotten you very far, has it? You’re going to have to ask your coaches for advice on how to get better.

Think about it, you can’t watch yourself play, unless you watch film. And even then, coaches have much more experience and knowledge than players.

The key is, ask your coaches before you go in and practice. Say “hey coach, can you please watch me for a couple of plays and critique me? They’ll see that you care about getting better, and will probably be willing to help out.

If they’re busy then definitely don’t distract them, but if not go ahead and ask. After the plays let them critique you and don’t take anything they say offensive and personally. Your coaches are just trying to help you get better.

With most teams, after practice they line up and say thank you to the coaches. After everyone’s gone, wait to talk to the coach. Ask him how you did and what you can improve on, if you don’t do it during the practice. I like this way better because we both have more time, and in practice we’re busy. If they’re in a rush to get home, don’t bother them, just wait for another day.

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Starter Tip #3: Know Multiple Positions

This is probably the easiest tip on how to become a starter at football. Know multiple positions. Why is that? You need to know multiple positions because it opens up more spots for you. If you’re an left tackle that knows center, both guards, and right tackle, your chances of getting to play are much higher. This applies to all positions.

Think about it, the more you know the higher chances you have to go in. I’d say maybe 1-3 injuries happen every game, or week. That’s 1-3 positions out of 22 players on the field. If you know all 3, you have a 3/22 chance getting in. If you know 1/22, that’s a 1 in 22 chance that you’ll get on the field.

Scenario: Luke vs Bobby

Lets say that Luke and Bobby are both Mike linebackers. Luke’s a 2nd string, and Bobby’s a 3rd string. Both their main positions are Mike linebacker, but Bobby knows how to play Sam and Will. Luke only knows how to play Mike. Only one knows how to become a starter in football.

Now, lets say they’re halfway through the regular season. They’re playing a team and the games pretty close, but then all of a sudden, their starting Will linebacker gets hurt. The trainers walk out to take a look at him, and meanwhile on the sideline, the defensive coordinator is looking for a Will linebacker.

He looks at Luke first because he’s the 2nd string. The coach shouts “Luke can you play Will backer?” “No coach I only know Mike.” The coach then turns to Bobby and says “Bobby do you know Will backer?” “Yeah coach I gotchu!”

Bobby goes to have a great game, and eventually earns a starting spot. Meanwhile, Luke stays a benchwarmer for the rest of the season.

Because Bobby knew multiple positions, he was able to start over the one that was considered “better.”

What Positions You Should Learn:

Alright, so you’re obviously not going to be able to play every position on the field. That would be pretty hard, only the best athletes can do that. You typically don’t see someone who can play guard and receiver. Here’s a list of what you should learn based on your position.


  • Runningback
  • Tight End
  • Linebacker
  • (Whatever suits you based on your size and athletic talent, because there’s a wide range of quarterbacks. You have the Kyler Murray types and the Tom Brady Types)


  • Linebacker
  • Fullback
  • Wide Reciever
  • Saftey

Tight Ends:

  • Offensive Tackle
  • Linebacker
  • Defensive End
  • Wide Receiver

Offensive Line:

  • Offensive Tackle(s)
  • Center
  • Offensive Guard(s)
  • Defensive Tackle/Nose
  • Defensive End
  • Tight End

Wide Receiver:

  • Runningback
  • Safety
  • Cornerback
  • Slot Receiver


  • Cornerback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Runningback


  • Saftey
  • Wide Receiver
  • Runningback


  • Runningback
  • Defensive End
  • Saftey
  • Tight End

Defensive Line:

  • Defensive Tackle/Nose
  • Linebacker
  • Defensive End/Edge
  • Offensive Line
  • Tight End

Tip #4: Be Near The Coach In A Game

If you were a coach and one of your players got hurt or hard to sub out, would you go and look for exactly who you want? Probably not. You would choose the person closest to you, that knows how to play the position you need.

If you want to get in the game, you can’t be sitting on the bench with your helmet off. There is literally ZERO chance you’ll get in the game. If you want to get in, you’re going to have to be the coaches shadow.

What does that mean?

It means that you’re going to have to follow him around and stand within 5-10 feet of him. NOTE: Not the head coach, your offensive of defensive coordinator (unless someone else puts you in, then stand by them).

Another thing you’ll want to do is cheer on your teammates. When they make a play yell something encouraging. Even if they don’t make a good play, still encourage them.

Subconsciously, your coach will hear you in his head. The more someone’s in your head, the more likely you are to think of them, which leads to them picking you to go in the game.

How to Become A Starter in Football Tip #5: Ball Out

THIS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL TIP OF ALL OF THEM. This is really what will determine if you beat a guy for the starting job, or be a benchwarmer for the rest of the year. You’ll get your chance if you follow the tips above.

As long as you show up to practice, ask how to get better, know multiple positions and stick near your coach during a game, I promise you’ll have a chance to do tip number 5, which is to ball out.

Only you can control how you play. Literally everything comes down to this step. If you ball out then you’ll become a starter. If you don’t, you won’t.

How to Become A Starter in Football By Balling Out:

Balling out is hard to do, so here’s how you do it. I wrote a full article on how to get better at football here, read that for the full in depth guide, but if you’re just skimming, read these quick tips.

  • Practice
  • Watch film
  • Talk to your positional coaches
  • Hit the gym
  • Bond with your team

Another very important factor to consider is to be prepared. On gameday, you’ll want to show up with the right football gear, accessories, and be well rested. Also eat properly. I plan to do articles on all of these, in the very near future.

BONUS TIP: Become A Starter By Becoming More Athletic!

how to become a starter in football

Another great way of becoming a starter is to just be a better athlete than everyone else on the team. I know what you’re thinking, “I have bad genetics that can’t ever happen” or “there’s no way I can be that without spending 4 hours in the gym everyday.”

Yes, you can. I launched a workout routine called Athleticism Unlocked to help football players become the best athletes they can be, and everyone can be a absolute baller of an athlete. Our ancestors were WARRIORS, so what makes you think you’re any different genetically?

The only reason most football players aren’t at their full athletic potential is because of their workout program. They either bodybuild, or do nothing. If you want to get a jump start on your competition, hurry and get Athleticism Unlocked. It’s the best workout program on the market for football players, and it includes nutritional advice to speed up your progress. Following this program is exactly how to become a starter in football.

If you’re a benchwarmer right now, and you want to become a starter as fast as possible, I highly recommend this routine. If you’re the best athlete on the field, think about how many positions you can play, and play well! The best athlete on your team is never on the bench, he’s scoring touchdowns and getting D1 offers. You know what you have to do to be that guy, just click the link above.

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