When it comes to football accessories, everyone needs to have a few of them. Whether you want to look drippy on game day, or actually use the extras, football accessories are a very important part of the game.

Before we get into the article, we need to define what accessories are.

Accessories are things you don’t need to play football. For example, football helmets, pads, and cleats are all needed to play. Things like backplates, gloves, and visors are not.

So here’s my whole list of extra gear to throw a little bit of edge to your style on gameday:

Football Gloves:

Everyone uses football gloves, so this should be a fairly obvious accessory to get. When you buy football gloves, make sure you get the right kinds, which will be listed down below.

There are two kinds of gloves, regular gloves, and lineman gloves. If you play anything besides line, just use the regular gloves. Linebackers and tight ends could also use a blend of DB and lineman gloves.

Here are the gloves you should get based on your position:

Make sure and check these gloves out on amazon. They come with multiple different color options, so make sure and get your team colors.

Football Headbands:

If you’ve got long hair then getting a headband is a good idea. There’s nothing worse than hair falling in your eyes while you’re trying to get your helmet on, or even distracting you during a play.

Plus, you can’t be wasting time trying to push your hair back into your helmet during games or practice.

This would be fire on veterans day

There are lots of headbands to chose from, so how do you know you’re picking the right one? Most of them work well, just be sure and choose one that’s dry fit and can wash.

Here are the headbands to check out:

Football Visors

Before you get a visor, you need to know that you are only allowed to play with clear visors in games. Check with your coaches if a tinted one is ok for practice, and if the rules are different in your state, games could also be allowed.

I would love to wear a tinted visor in games, however, I can’t so I occasionally wear one in practice. A clear one still looks cool on game day.

Here are the visors to check out:

Football Backplates

It’s smart for everyone to have a backlplate, because it makes you play better. For defensive guys, it gives you more power when you tackle because you’re less likley to fold over.

For offense, you can drive harder and be better protected when you have one on. That being said, here are some of the best backplates you can attatch to your shoulder pads.

Here are the backplates to check out:

Footballl Eye Black

There’s not much to say here about eye black besides it makes you look baller. Sure it can take the glare out of your eyes but we all know why we really wear it.

I reccomend you buy multiple of these because every time it’s gameday, your teammates will always want to use it, and it’s not like you’re going to say no.

Turf Tape

Turf tape is relativley new to the game of football. It’s designed to get rid of turf burns when you slide on your arms, or drag someone down. It also looks pretty cool.

I reccomend getting turf tape in black and white, because you can mix it up depending on your jersey.


Finally, sleeves complete your look. You don’t always have to wear them, especially on a hot day. However, if it’s a cold day then you can 100% wear sleeves. There’s alot of different kind of sleeves, so let’s clear that up.

There are arm sleeves and leg sleeves. You obviously decide the colors, but try to get it to match your jersey. If you have red jerseys with black numbers, consider wearing black sleeves.

There you have it. The best football accessories to look drippy on gameday. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas in the comments!

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