Overview: Riddell Speedflex Review

Founded in 1929, Riddell is one of the top leaders in revolutionary football equipment. Its most famous helmet, the Riddell Speedflex was released in 2014, just before the start of the NFL season. The best thing about the Speedflex is, anyone from a newbie at football, to an experienced veteran can use it. Any position from safety to offensive guard can use it as well. This article is about my honest Riddell Speedflex Review and experience, along with the technologies included in it. I’ve worn a Riddell speedflex for the past two years, and this is a really great helmet.

Pros and Cons: Riddell Speedflex

Ranked #9 with 5 stars by Virginia Tech Football Helmet RatingsSafe, but not the safest there is
Ratchet Lock chinstrap which allows for easy chinstrap adjustmentsLacks technology such as D30 and TPU
Polycarbonate shell Can come off easily
The Flex System, which reduces impact force to usersHas a higher price than most helmets
Fits well and is comfortable

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Is It Compatible With Other Gear?

A commonly asked question is if the Riddell Speedflex is compatible with other types of football gear. The answer is, yes. It should fit comfortably on most shoulder pads, and the other kinds of gear such as cleats and girdles shouldn’t get in the way.

Safety Review:

Arguably the most crucial part of this Riddell Speedflex Review is safety. You can’t play football without a brain. Virginia Tech Football Helmet Rankings gave it a score of 4.49 for safety. Out of the 23 helmets ranked by them, the average safety score was 6.2 (rounded). The lower the number, the more safe the helmet is. That being said, the Riddell Speedflex is safer than most helmets given.

Safety Technologies:

InSite Compatible Smart Helmet Technology:

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Riddell Speedflex: InSite Compatible Smart Helmet Technology

The Riddell InSite Smart Helmet Technology is an impact monitoring system. When an impact occurs, a sensor pad takes in the data and determines whether the hit is serious enough to alert the monitor. Your coach will likely have a monitor, or it could be a friend or parent. This technology can pretty much tell you if you have a concussion or not, so it could save you some brain cells in the long run.

The Flex System:

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Riddell Speedflex: The Flex System

The Flex System is engineered into the helmets shell, face mask, and facemask attachment system. The hinge clips you see on the side of the Speedflex reduce the impact force of a hit. These clips are also part of a quick release system, where you just have to pop off the hinge clips to get the helmet off in an emergency.

Tru-Curve Linear System:

Riddell Speedflex Review
Riddell Speedflex: Tru-Curve Linear System

The Tru-Curve Linear System is a design to comfort the player’s head while using the helmet. In other words, it’s a technology to fit the helmet to your head shape. This design type allows for maximum security while still ensuring safety. You can get a custom-fitted helmet in the Riddell Precision Fit.

Ratchet-Loc Retention System Chinstrap:

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Riddell Speedflex: Ratchet-Loc Retention System Chinstrap

The Ratchet-Loc Retention System is a nice chinstrap that is very easy to get on and adjust. You simply press down the buttons, and the chinstrap can be loosened. Pull the cords on the side, and the chinstrap will be tightened. The only downside to this chinstrap is that whenever you get super sweaty, the chinstrap can slide off. Other than that, it’s makes getting your helmet on much more convenient.


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Riddell Speedflex: Flexliner

The flexliner is the part of the Riddell Speedflex that makes it feel comfortable. The flexliner conforms to different head shapes, while still providing safety and comfort. Helmets that are uncomfortable to wear suck, because it’s obviously uncomfortable, and it has you focusing on your discomfort instead of the game, or practice.

HS4 Facemask:

Riddell Speedflex Review
Riddell Speedflex: HS4 Facemask

The HS4 facemask is made of stainless steel, and is fairly lightweight. Many NFL and college athletes use this type, however it’s inferior when compared the the Schutt F7 LTD’s titanium facemask. I have never had any issues with this facemask, and it’s a good addition to the Riddell Speedflex.

Comfort Review:

There are lots of components that go into making the Speedflex so comfortable. The most noticeable is the flexliner that can conform to any head, and it also cushions your head as well. The Riddell Speedflex weighs 4.4 pounds, so it should feel very lightweight. You don’t want to be worrying about what your helmet feels like in the middle of a game, so get a size that fits you.

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Helmet Performance Review:

Another important aspect of the Riddell Speedflex is its performance. You don’t want a helmet that is concussion-proof but super heavy and hard to see out of, and you also don’t want a lightweight shell that gets you a concussion every time you get hit.

The Riddell Speedflex has the perfect balance of safety and performance. I can still use about 80% of my peripheral vision, and I’ve never had a head injury.

On top of that, the Speedflex is also very lightweight, so you won’t be slowed down if you’re a fast athlete. However, if you are under 100lbs, or are in youth ball, the helmet may be too heavy. The Speedflex can be worn by those in youth ball, however, it was designed specifically for High Schoolers, Adults, and Varsity Players.

(Disclaimer: Prevention of a head injury is not guaranteed)


When purchasing a helmet, the cost is always a key factor. Helmets can be very expensive, and the higher the quality, the higher the price. The current price of the Riddell Speedflex is $619.99. This is a higher price when compared to other football helmets, however, the price is worth the amazing quality. It’s not fun to have an uncomfortable, low-quality helmet, so investing in a high-quality one can save you from discomfort, or maybe even an injury.

Conclusion: Riddell Speexflex Review

The Riddell Speedflex is a really great helmet, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality football helmet. It can be used by any position on the field, and it is lightweight, safe, and comfortable. It also has a flashy, iconic look that is guaranteed to earn you some respect, and clout.

Riddell Speedflex





  • Comfortable
  • Fits well on everyone
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Safe
  • Given 5/5 stars by Virginia Tech


  • Higher priced than other helmets
  • Lacks some newer technologies
  • Chinstrap can come off easily
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